Interview ENG Kit:

6 input / 8 Track Mixer Recorder with Timecode

(2) Sennheiser ENG Wireless Kits*

Sennheiser MKH 416 Shotgun

Handheld Microphone with Mic flag

20ft Camera Snake

VR 360 Kit

Zoom F8

Sennheiser Ambeo 360 VR microphone

Indie Film/ TV Pilot Kit:

8 Input/ 10 Track Mixer Recorder with Timecode / sync cables

Timecode Slate

Timecode Lockit Box*

Audio Cart with assorted expendables/accessories

10ft Boom Pole

8ft Boom Pole

(4) Wireless Microphone Kits*

(15) Comteks / Camera Hops*

​Wireless Car to Car Hop

Neopax Actor/Talent wraps

Sanken Lavarliers

Tram TR-50

(4) ML- Alpha Lavs


Oktava MK-012 Indoor Dialogue Microphone

Scheops Clone

Sennheiser MKH 416 Shotgun 

(2) Shure Boundary Mics (perfect for car rigs)

REDfrence RED Slate Mic 

*More Upon Request